Paecisol (Paecilomyces lilocinus) is genus of nematophagous fungus which kills harmful nematodes by pathogenesis causing disease in the nematodes. Therefore the fungus can be used as a bio-nematicide to control nematodes by applying it to the soil.

Content :

  • Paecisol (Poecilomyces lilacinus) - 1.0 % (w/w).
  • CFU – 2x10 6 / gm.
  • CMC - 0.5 %.
  • Carrier (Dextrose) – 98.5% Q. S.
  • Total – 100%

Mode of action : The fungus Paecisol (Paecilomyces Iilacinus) is strongly parasitic of all stages of development of common plant infecting nematodes especially the eggs spores of the fungus also adhere to the cuticle of vermin form stages of the nematodes as they migrate through the soil. The spores germinate the growing fungus penetrates the cuticle and engulfs the nematodes. The hyphae of the fungus can also enter the nematodes through the body openings, such as the anus and vulva. The developing fungus kills the nematode by feeding on its body contents In effect, the fungus acts as parasite on the nematodes.

Precaution :

  • Keep Paecisol (Poecilomyces lilacinus) always away from heat & sunlight.
  • Don't mix Paecisol (Poectionlyces lilacinus) with chemical fertilizer or chemical pesticides.
  • For best response of Paecisol (Paecilomyces Iilacinus) use with maximum organic manure.

Dose :

  • Soil application : For one acre mix about 500 gm of Paecisol (Paecilomyces Iilacinus) with 100 kg of compost, keep the mixture under shade with sufficient moisture content (30%) for one week time and broadcast in the field.
  • Pit application : For plantation crops like banana, sprinkle 2.5 gms of Paecisol (Paecilomyces Iilacinus) in the pit before planting. After planting about 2.5 gms of Paecisol (Paecilomyces Iilacinus) can be mixed with compost and sprinkled around the tree trunk in the soil.
  • Drip : 1 kg Paecisol (Paecilomyces Iilacinus) per acre for drip irrigation. Godavari bio fertilizer industries is a leading produce mass of production of Pro Biotics , Agriculture bio fertilizer, bio pesticide and bio fungicides.