Content :

  • Potash solubilising organism - 1%
  • Population density CFU - 2 X 10 8 /ml
  • Population density CFU - 2 %
  • Microbial media recidue - 95 - 97 %
  • Total - 100%

Mode of Action : Potashsol (Potash) solubilising and mobilizing organisms grow and multiply by utilizing the carbon source from organic matter in soil or from roots exudates. During their growth cycle they produce organic acids which solubilise bound or insoluble potash and make it available to plants.

Precautions :

  • Keep Potashsol (Potash) always away from heat & sunlight.
  • Do not use Potashsol (Potash) with chemical fertilizer or chemical pesticides.
  • For best response of Potashsol (Potash) use with maximum organic manure.
  • Shake well before use.

Dose :

  • Mix 1 ltr. or 500 ml Potashsol (Potash) with Verrni Compost / Neem Cake use for one acre or by dripping.
  • Before using Potash content chemical manure mix 500 ml to 1 !tr. Potashsol (Potash) with organic compost / F.Y.M. or by dripping for one acre.
  • Seed Treatment: Mix 10 ml of Potashsol (Potash) with one kg of seeds in required water & dry in shade for 10 to 15 minutes before sowing.
  • Soil Treatment: Mix 400 ml Potashsol (Potash) with 50 kgs of F.Y.M./ Verni Compost / Compost, maintain moisture for 10 days in shade broad cast in one acre land at the time of sowing.
  • For Spray Treatment: Dissolve 200 ml of Potashsol (Potash) with 100 Its. of water and apply near root zone of crops per acre.