(Trichoderma viride) : Trichosol (Trichoderrna Viride) is a fungus and bio fungicide. It is used for seed and soil treatment for suppression of various diseases caused by fungal pathogens

Content :

  • Trichosol (Trichoderma viride) spores - 1%
  • CFU Count – 2x10 8 /gm
  • CMC – 0.5%
  • Carrier (Dextrose) - 98.5%
  • Total – 100%

Mode of Action : This Bio control agent when applied along with seed, colonizes the seeds and multiplies on the surface of the seed and kills pathogens present on the surface of the seed. Also gives protection against soil-borne pathogens until life time of crop by action of myco parasitism and antibiotics.

Precautions :

  • Keep Trichosol (Trichoderma viride) always away from heat & sunlight.
  • Don't mix Trichosol (Trichoderma Viride) with chemical fertilizer or chemical pesticides.
  • For best response of Trichosol (Trichodermo viride) use with maximum organic manure.

Dose :

  • Mix 200 gram Trichosol (Trichodermo viride) powder in 100 ltrs. Of water, dip tuber/self for 15 minutes and dry in shade before sowing (Tube/self treatment).
  • Soil Treatment: Mix 400 gm Trichosol (Trichoderma viride) powder with 50 kg of PIM in 3*x6* bed, moisten and cover with polythene for 15 days (turn FYM and moisten 3 times) after 15 days spread over over acre land.
  • Nursery Treatment : Mix 100 gm Trichosol (Trichoderma viride) powder in 100 Itr of water and drench nursery bed to a depth of 10 cm immediately after sowing seeds.
  • Root Treatment : Mix 10 gm Trichosol ( Trichoderma viride) powder in 10 Itr of water and dip roots of seedlings for 15 minutes before transplanting.
  • Spray : 200gm Trichosol (Trichoderma viride) powder in 200 Itrs water per acre.
  • Drip : 400 gm Trichosol (Trichoderma viride) per acre for drip irrigation.